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small friends-cut!

okay, i did it. i did a small friends cut. so if you cant see THIS entry, please remove me from your list. PLEASE note, this was NOT personal. i did it based on comment stats, people who have changed journals, people who have added me without asking, etc. BUT if you would still like to be friends, and you were removed, please dont hesitate to let me know and i would be happy to add you back =)

ETA: if you are new to the journal, you have been kept, although, i did forget who i added as new so if you were new, and you are gone, please just let me know and ill add ya back! =)
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i really cherish each and everyone of you. some ive known longer than others and some ive just met. but theres a reason were all friends. you guys have always been there to talk with me, help me through things, just bullshit with, i wanted to dedicate this to you all. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND THANKS FOR BEING MY BEST FRIENDS. I DONT KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT ALL OF YOU! ♥

(and thanks to _touched i made my first fanmix)!

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these are just some of my favorite songs, friendship songs, songs from soundtracks, i hope you all enjoy